About Us

World News report is almost unlimited in its scope. It is equally applicable for a volcano eruption in a tiny atoll in the Pacific or an earth shattering explosion in a crowded city that kills hundreds. Hence, there are no boundaries for a blog that specialises in world news reports and we at blog spot skolnicksreport.org would like to keep it that way.

But all our good intentions would come to naught if we do not get contributions from people around the world. Any news report is welcome by us, irrespective of the country of origin and the niche that it belongs to. No world news is insignificant for us, just write in to bring to the attention of the common man what is really happening in your part of the world.

One issue with a blog site that deals with world news is the problem of a specific item getting dated beyond a certain period. We request contributors not to go far back in time and report to us. The news should be latest and devised to catch the attention of those keenly following day to day happenings, whether it is in the field of politics, sports, state of the economy or of any other genre.

There is another point here. Important and critical incidents don’t just fade into oblivion they linger on for months together. Contributors to skolnicksreport.org can also give their views and analysis of what has happened in the past but is still relevant in present times. However, in this regard we would like to say that bloggers should present their views in a neutral and apolitical manner without hurting the sentiments of people based on religion, caste, creed or ethnicity.